Participants that attended the second training organised by Afrika Safeguards Consult Ltd, on Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) processes in Uganda, were urged to undertake Environment and Social Impact Assessment for projects according to the project categorisation in the National Environment Act, and benchmark best practices from the Environment and Social Frameworks of International agencies such as World Bank and African Development Bank among others. The appeal was made by Mr. Mununuzi Nathan, the Course Coordinator, Afrika Safeguards Consult Ltd on Saturday May 8th, 2021.

Mr. Mununuzi further emphasised that before development works are embarked on, any developer is required to apply the mitigation hierarchy principles in the ESIA process.  “We are supposed to anticipate and avoid risks and impacts. Where avoidance is not possible, minimize and when impacts occur, rehabilitate or restore, where significant residual impacts remain, offset.” He said.

The ESIA process is important in helping to identify, prevent, mitigate, effectively manage and compensate for the environment and social risks and impacts of development projects as discussed by Mrs. Caroline Aguti, the Principal Environment Officer/Head Safety and Health Unit, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.  Mrs. Aguti also took participants through the key steps in the ESIA process.

Mr. Ratemo Sammy, an accredited World Bank Safeguards Specialist (Tier 2) for Africa Region identified the stakeholders in the ESIA process, their roles and how to engage and disseminate information to them. Stakeholder holder participation must be carried out in a timely, inclusive and culturally acceptable manner. “Meaningful participation of stakeholders is important for project ownership and sustainability”. He added.

The training attracted 35 participants from a wide range of stakeholders who included but were not limited to; representatives from Government Ministries like Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Office of the Prime Minister; District Local Governments (Jinja, Kaliro, Mubende and Pakwach), NGOs (GIZ, Foundation for Health Environment and Poverty Alleviation), Private companies (Etroca Photo Film and Events Ltd) and Environment and Social Development consultants from International Agencies.

The Managing Director, Afrika Safeguards Consult Ltd, Ms. Scovia Nakawuma informed participants that a five-day detailed training on the Environment and Social Impact Assessment was available and encouraged them to engage their institutions to allocate resources for capacity development to enable them attend such trainings.

Afrika Safeguards Consult Ltd was formed to partner with individuals, companies and institutions (private and public) to provide consultancy services that will support them to improve their environment and social performance.

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