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Afrika Safeguards Consult Ltd was formed in 2019 to provide quality and innovative consultancy services in Environmental and Social Safeguards Management

In order to optimize project benefits, ensure environmental and social soundness of projects; it is critical that individuals and institutions preparing and implementing such projects have their capacity strengthened in the management of environmental and social risks and impacts as part of the project cycle.

Afrika Safeguards Consult provides a holistic approach to enhance the capacity of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies in the application of National and International policies, best practices, and standards for improved environmental and social performance.

Our Services

Third Party monitoring

We offer third-party monitoring services for Environment & Social Management Plan (ESMP), Resettlement Action Plan, Stakeholder Engagement Plan implementation among others.

Capacity Building

we offer Capacity development and training services, online, in-house, and workshop sessions in environment, social risk, and impact management.

Forest Extension Services

We offer professional and cost-effective forestry extension services including Forest Management Planning, plantation establishment, and forest stand management.

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Our Approach

Afrika Safeguards Consult undertakes critical research to identify solutions that address underlying safeguards management challenges in the region. This informs the design, development, and delivery of all the consultancy programmes.

In addition, we undertake capacity needs assessment in safeguards management, to identify capacity gaps and design specific programs for capacity improvement.

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